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Cocoa Mass Grand Cru Bagua Nativo Peru Organic x 4 KG

Stock Code: I6841

Single-origin cocoa paste for creating unique combinations. Experiment or invent your own coatings or ice creams and sorbets with the distinct, lingering taste of aromatic cocoa. Obtained by simply toasting the hulled, ground beans with no added ingredients, since it does not undergo conching, to achieve a particularly intense, authentic and characteristic taste of cocoa. Taste: Cocoa mass with an important presence of Criollo cocoa, aromatic and lovely profile, great aroma and persistence, important but never aggressive bitterness, minimum pleasant acidity. Operating recommendations: In chocolatier, in chocolate bars, pralines and ganaches. When making pralines, excellent for boosting the flavour of chocolate coatings with slight adjustments in milk chocolate recipes, or as you like, in dark chocolate recipes. In pastry, also good for decorating and airbrush applications in creams and baked products. In ice cream making, when making ice cream, semifreddo and sorbets, it is an excellent addition or replacement for chocolate and cocoa powder to add flavour and a distinctive, lingering taste of cocoa with balanced levels of fat.

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